Day 4: Facebook, Microsoft and Renaissance Leadership
Written by Liam Ottley
Posted Mon, 19 Mar: Tuesday 12th July: I found the Facebook campus much like Google. Large (but not quite as spread out as Google), modern, bustling and full of happy looking people. Bowen Pan is a Kiwi guy who went to Westlake, found his way into Stanford and is now working at Facebook in Palo Alto. I found his knowledge to be both wide and deep, as a good T person should be, and was a great example of a kiwi boy who worked hard and studied harder.

Microsoft was an awesome hands on experience. I found the new Hololens to be very interesting and saw it having huge practical and entertainment applications. The three people we met were great. Judy, Josh and Wesley all shared some really eye opening information in particular for me in that I don't have to become some nerd who codes to be part of an organisation like Microsoft, I can also become a computer engineer.

Renaissance Leadership was such an inspiration for me. Ben Anderson is an amazing guy with some amazing ideas on self improvement and becoming a good leader. I won't go into much detail or I'll be writing all night, but I can safely say that most if not all of the group left the meeting room feeling inspired and ready to put things into practice in their lives.

Dinner at a restaurant followed where we got to meet Ben's friends and family, including his wife daughter and son. The pizza was great and I enjoyed sharing with everyone on the table, both pizza and conversation. A quick stop at the frozen yoghurt store followed, where we said our goodbyes and headed for the hotel.

Catch you later,