Day 4 of SVExperience, Day 2 of Inspiration😍😍
Written by Carym Wharerau
Posted Mon, 19 Mar: Same sort of kick-off to the morning (fruit salad) and we were out the door in a fly. Ended up getting to ride a very fashionable coach, leather chairs and all🙂

Our first visit of the day was Facebook. Many people who know me would say that I'm a liiiiiitle (massive) user of facebook😏😶So to actually be within the presence of something that (I would consider) helped me become much more confident in expressing myself and my feelings was a blessing. I found that the culture of Facebook was very similar to that of Khan Academy's, except it felt more literally like a town on it's own. I began to admire how they keep a balance between being professional, keeping up with what's new (eg the newest technology), care of the environment (they recycle products to make (for example) props for around the campus) and care of the workers (they consider the workers time and such and how these can be modified to work so that both the company and the worker can benefit easier so for example having a salon within the company instead of the worker having to take time off work and go do it elsewhere. The biggest highlight of my day was coming across one of the Illustration Directors, who, just by looking at her, made me want to be exactly where she was- she looked very happy to working there, she looked very relaxed, like herself. This is exactly how I want to look like working my job, and the effect she had on me would probably be the biggest since on this trip. From this visit I've been really motivated and inspired to be within this environment and business, I feel like I have a bigger hint into exactly where and what I want to work now🙊🙈

Following our Facebook visit, we had the opportunity to visit the one and only, Microsoft. To be completely honest, I was not the most excited about visiting this, I'd say that I wanted to, but it wasn't as big a factor as Facebook was, but walking in and actually seeing Microsoft in flesh completely changed my view. We were first introduced to some of the Engineers of Microsoft, who were each very different in terms of perspective, but very alike in terms of level. I found myself more attracted to the two whose work revolved much more around the design side of things, which, is the field where I intend to work in. I'd previously thought of Microsoft as more the tech-y sort of engineer wing, but talking more with the people there really woke me up to the many more possibilities and characters of Microsoft.

This has been the most thought provoking visit throughout, and it was a matter of being focused and immersed in what the speaker, Ben, had to say. I found myself becoming relatable to the first bit of speaking he did, but as he progressed into his speech it all began to sort of settle in and i began to think more mentally about what he was saying. The things he was as if he'd put on a pair of glasses, took my brain and read exactly what I could never understand myself of put into words, it was all really...astonishing🙂It was one of the biggest realisation stages of myself, my view of the world and my view from everyone else-what kind of person am I to people? Who can I BE?

To finish the day off, another group gathering was held at night, and we had to state our points about each company we visited that day. We also had to state an action in which we dream to achieve before this coming Christmas or the end of the year. My action posed was to get in contact with the Illustration Director stated before and potentially land opportunities from her.