Day 4: Socializing, Fun & Games, Skills For Life
Written by Harrison Hill
Posted Mon, 19 Mar: 12th July 2016 - Another great day in the land of opportunity and promise. Today we visited the biggest Social Media Platform, Facebook, One of if not the biggest software companies, Microsoft and one if not the best inspirational speaker and life coach business Renaissance Leadership run by the great Ben Anderson. (New Zealander).

So the day started with a great breakfast followed by a quick meeting to go over the days itinerary and by 8:30am we were on the road heading toward the one and only FACEBOOK where we would meet a fellow Kiwi who Bowen Pan & his colleague April who gave us a bit of a VIP tour of the campus which when walking in looked exactly like a small town or village. The campus it self had the same feel to Google where walking around the campus actually felt like walking around a University Campus but the difference being that Facebook felt more close together in a sense that Facebook employees seemed to know each other and got along really well and they had bikes like Google too. I really enjoyed listening to Bowen and April as they both had loads of info about the campus on what it is and how it runs. A couple of things i'll be taking away from Facebook and hopefully implementing in school & work life are; "The idea that if something is working it's obsolete", and Facebook@Work which is a version of Facebook only for the work space which I think would be really interesting to see implemented in to schools and big business's in NZ.

Next we were off to the home of Halo, Microsoft which was the best company of the day as they let get hands on to the brand new Xbox One S and the very rarely seen Augmented Reality head set Microsoft Holo-Lens which was epic. But first three of Microsofts top representative from different sectors broke down what Microsoft is and how it works, then they got into how Holo-Lens and Xbox One work by showing us the insides of each machine which was epic!!!. At this point I was fully freaking out having a real geek moment over all the cool tech that barely anyone in the world has seen. Then the main engineer on the Holo-Lens team asked me if I wanted to take it out for a spin and of corse I said yes and OMG it was everything that I thought it be, it was so cool to wear and use. Seeing is believing. The only way anyone could understand it is by wearing and using it. I wore it for like 15mins. After everyone had a go on both machines and had thanked the employees we collected our free stuff and head out to Renaissance Leadership.

Upon arriving to Renaissance Leadership we were greeted by Ben Anderson who is a kiwi born inspirational speaker how helps corporate companies come together and work as a team and also to help each individual become more self-aware and develop a sense of personal understanding allowing you to work on you. Listening to him really opened my eyes and made me really think deeply about how I look at myself and life, so it got real deep. He basically taught our whole group like a week seminar in the space of two hours and it was intense. Things I took away from this were to be the Author of my life, there's no such thing as excuses only success and failure, self love and Authenticity. I plan to use and continue using these skills when I arrive back to NZ.

After we finished the seminar Ben took us all out for dinner at this really cool restaurant in Palo Alto where we all got to meet Ben's friends and his wife, daughter and son. The pizza was great and I enjoyed sharing the huge gimongous pizzas and and they were huge and tasty. A quick stop at the frozen yoghurt store also provided by Ben, where we said our goodbyes and headed for the hotel where we had our nightly debrief and headed off to bed ready for the busiest day of all of the trip.