Day 5 - Final Day of Visiting Companies
Written by Saia Tukuafu
Posted Mon, 19 Mar: Woow !! Today was the most action packed day out of all days. Basically motivational wise though. I was always looking forward to seeing Stanford University. So yeah today we basically, visited Stanford University, IDEO & Apple (The Company).

Stanford University was my favorite place having attended today, basically because as we walked around and stayed there longer, My curiosity and ambitions towards attending Stanford had raised. I guess it's just like every other day we've had, having visited the other companies, but I really am hard to impress. But having attended such a unique and historical place I seriously grew my love for this place, and seemingly could see myself studying there. A quote in which I had picked up from Stanford was from one of the students that guided us through the tour. He said, " Whenever you find that you are struggling with life?, Just remember to take everything ONE STEP AT A TIME."

IDEO, was one of the best Tech companies that we had visited because we actually got to meet the Founder of the business, Tom Kelley. Anyways everything at the place was actually Extraordinary. This basically replicates IDEO's motto and the way they abide by their rules, which is to, " Be ExTrAoRdInDaRy, not just ORDINARY. " I loved everything Tom was throwing us, be it wisdom, advice && helpful motives for the future. I loved the way that he was always soo positive and was happy with his life. He is a Legendary example of what people describe, "Being in a JOB that you LOVE and feel PASSIONATE about!!" To me I felt strongly that Tom Kelley represented and earned that spot.

The visit to Apple was alright, we visited the Apple Store, and saw a few of their newest gadgets. We also got to spend time with Craig Elliot, one of Steve Job's closest friends. He was a real living Legend to me. He showed me what it meant to live life to the fullest. Just seeing him all happy gives me the chills and makes me want to be able to surpass him and think beyond their generation.