Day 5 of SVExperience, Day 3 of Inspiration😍😍😍
Written by Carym Wharerau
Posted Mon, 19 Mar: XERO:

I myself had not been familiar with this particular company previously, but it is a blessing to have found out about this sooner rather than later😬 We had 6 speakers today, and I felt that 4 of them really stood out for me. The first being Julian (an intern), and I was drawn to his perspective of being diverse. I learnt that instead of closing myself into one sort of aspect, I need to open myself up and allow myself to explore the many differences in the world. The second speaker, Max. His ability to bring a room to life through his personality (in which, was particularly through humour). His journey also compelled me as it felt very much relatable (yes, even though there is a 25 shade difference🙄😂👦🏼👦🏾) as he himself came from a very hard community- not the best school and surrounding of drugs,alcohol, gang etc, so to see him sitting in front of the same kids he used to be and sharing his accomplishment really enhanced the views of myself, my abilities and my potential to do well. Following these speakers were actually two of which spoke at the same time. First off, what I'd call the "recruiter", Debbie, became more of a beacon to me. I felt like a moth attracted to the light, because she was literally the opening door to my opportunities, all I had to do was apply myself, so she really revved up my motivation to work hard and connect with people. The final speaker, Kat, reminded me so very much of the actress Mellisa McCarthy😂💀Her energy was just, positive and vibrant and, really, infectious, I felt somewhat happy to be around her, and previously (on our trip) we'd learnt about balcony people (those who motivate you and bring you 'up') and basement people (people who will drag you down) and having these two very much balcony people in front of me quite literally made me want to hug both of them because it was so....I really had nothing to say toward how I was impacted by these two, but the Xero visit definitely woke me up. I also managed to attain "Hiring" and "Internship/Grad" card from them, VERY IMPORTANT FOR WHEN I LEAVE HIGH SCHOOL✨👌🏽


I'm not a user of Twitter, so I wasn't 100% about this company. I felt that the workplace didn't have a soul, everything seemed very dull-like, maybe that's just because as a business they need to keep up, but a business has to have a heart and soul to itself (these are just my opinions). Also, I felt that the questions which were passed throughout me and the others, their response was almost always in a defensive way, like they were trying to defend themselves for not being just as quite valued as Facebook is by the world (this is probably because I've believed in the whole Facebook vs Twitter scandal, and because I'm the type to be cheering for Facebook doesn't help😂💀). One thing I did take from Twitter though, was that a common mistake through people who fail to make the cut for jobs or so, is due to the lack of experience. I found that in order to successfully attain a job of some sort, I need to be familiar with myself and the company as well as with my intentions and motivations.


What I took from BookTrack (a company in which provides soundtrack for books so for example if I were reason of an action book, there'd be the sound of fast-paced music and guns or whatever is related to the atmosphere you read in the pages) was how advance we are becoming. Taking about the book and soundtrack, I couldn't really picture or feel what it'd be like actually using it, but as soon as we read an example of a BookTrack I immediately became interested in it. When I read, I really read, and I feel like I am able to imagine a whole other world through words- perhaps even a better version of that than what the author try's to project, so to have the addition of sounds will really amplify the readers perspective. I was also drawn to how little the staff were in the Kiwi Landing Pad company itself-2 or 3 of them, and it almost seemed eerie that it was this way. It made me think, "Why is it like this? Where are all the companies" and it was the lack of motivation in our country (NZ) that was the reason. From this I hope to go back and motivate others to push further with their dream of hopefully starting a business/company and revealing to them that there is a whole other world out there.


I felt that Yell had the same sort of character and quality of that like Kahn Academy's, Facebook and Xero- a very casual style of working, yet still that core of motivation and the sort of "I WANT to work here" not the "I NEED to work here" attitude.
I noticed that there were no traits of superiority or ownership within the company, so the CEO actual sits among the others and not in an office, which makes it feel like a more free and less-pressured job/workplace. We then had a meeting with former kiwi who now work with Yelp, each of their stories being alike to Max's-the whole coming from NZ and making it to Te top sort of thing, so the impact was enhancing.

To conclude the day, we had a former kiwi as well as former SVExperience student, Christian detour us around the city of Sam Francisco, as well as share advice with us individually. I find him very amazing to be truly honest. I found that he'd done so many different things in his life-especially graphic design related things, and this really motivated my own desires and enhanced the idea of diversity, where he himself had tapped into different paths and it had all paid off, IN THE SOACE OF TWO YEARS!😱😁So yes it was very much a blessing to have him in our presence. We finished of the day with a quiet sit in the park to some music and Mexican food (Burritos and Nacho Chips with Guacamole😁).