Day 6 - Thursday
Written by Maihi Bennett
Posted Mon, 19 Mar: Another morning, up early and in to breakfast before departure for our companies of the day.

In the morning our first stop was to the infamous Stanford University. When we first got there we were met and greeted by a contingent of New Zealanders who were currently studying at that University. Then we sat down and had a chat with them in the stands of the track and field type stadium. It was a hot day and found out that one of the NZers had created an app that detects UV Rays when you have it on your phone. Crazy. Then we went for a tour of the place and it is STUNNING! As we walked past the stadium there were 3 blocks of concrete that had the names of Olympians, former World Record holders and NCAA champions who have came from that University. you could immediately feel a sense of strong pride coming from the students and the campus itself. We visited the chapel and other landmarks of the University. While walking around the campus we were able to chat with the NZ students studying there and from these conversations it made me want to start studying there. Something that I took away from there is that it is possible for NZers to study at these types of educational institutes.

After Stanford we went to IDEO, where we met the man himself Tom Kelly. One of the Kelly brothers who founded the company. We toured the offices and on our ways we just happened to run in to a fellow Kiwi, Dali Yu, who was a recently acquired intern. We also spotted another employee who seemed to have a tamoko tattoo on his arm which was interesting. We played around with the finger rockets which are real fun. Then we sat down and listened to the man tom Kelly talk and also gifted us one of his books "Creative Confidence" . Something that I learnt was that I should live life as an experiment, take risk and don't be ordinary but be extraordinary.

The last of the companies that we were going to visit for this entire trip was none other than the Steve Jobs founded company, Apple. The Apple building, to me, looked like iPhones kind of. We met a guy named Craig Elliot who used to work for Steve Jobs back in the day and was also his best product seller. At Apple we visited the store and looked around the place but afterward Craig took all 13 of us out to dinner down at what used to be the local dinner joint. We spoke over dinner with Craig firing questions at him and discussing sports with him. He is a top bloke Craig is.

After dinner we headed back to the hotel and had a debrief meeting regarding how the trip went and what not. But tomorrow is the last day.. When we fly out also.

So stay tuned.