Final Blogpost
Written by Saia Tukuafu
Posted Mon, 19 Mar: The end of something great, but the beginning of our new chapters.

We all have experienced something great over the past week. I knew that all the new brother's I've made over this trip didn't want to return back to New Zealand. But in doing so, we all have bigger dreams and better priorities compared to the ones we had prior to the trip.

First and foremost I'd like to thank the Heavenly Father for Andrew, and the trip he had given to the boys and I. Secondly I'd like to thank Andrew, for giving us a Once In A Lifetime Opportunity. I'd also like to thank my family who had supported me during this trip and also to everyone who supported us boys as a family. I would also love to thank every person and company that we got see during the trip, because without you's this trip wouldn't have been as meaningful.

I really learnt a lot on this trip and I now hold education precious to me. I know now that knowledge isn't something we can take for granted because it is infinite. We can always carry on learning no matter what. There isn't a barrier or ending towards knowledge because, humans will always develop further. That right there is why we as a species are intelligent. In saying this I have personally set goals for myself to achieve. Be it Big or Small they all relate towards our communities as a whole. I also find that the best way of giving back to the world, is by giving back to the people that we all hold dearly to our hearts.

For a final thanks, I would love to thank the boys and the adults who attended the trip:
The Muske-STEEZE. My Brother's Gabriel and Liam. The two boys that made this trip real fun and interesting.
-Maihi: Shot for showing me what true culture looks like, and what it means to embrace it even when you are alone and isolated.
-Toby: For giving me such an insight on connecting with others. Thanks for helping me with connections bro.
-Luke: For displaying such determination. Through your actions I now see what true happiness is.
-Harrison: For being such an unique individual. You my bro are just like a brother to me.
-Carym: Thanks bro for intelligence and help. Through your actions also, I can now see what it is like to walk down hard paths.
-Jason: Shot sir for all the laughs we've had on this trip. Now that we are closer to each other, we can help each other out with everything right?

But most of all thanks to Andrew. Thanks for every opportunity you've opened for us all. You are seriously someone we can rely on and hope for when in times of need.