July 10th & 11th Day 3 & 4 - Company Visits
Written by Gabriel Inia
Posted Mon, 19 Mar: Day one and two were kick back. Now time to go off to companies. On Day 3, it was lined up to be an awesome day! First visit to Khan Academy, Google and then I was especially pumped for this day because Google is such a huge brand and I was keen to learn.

Khan Academy: Khan Academy I was very looking forward too. I mean, I used it a lot of times but due to the lack of sleep I wasn't keen for the tour but had to push in real deep. When it came to the actually office itself, I really enjoyed the tour because the vibe of the workers it great and everyone knows each other. The brainstorming game about new ideas for KA (Khan Academy) was also fun because it grew our mindset and had us thinking out side of the box.

Google: Google for me was the #1 place I wanted to visit. To be completely honest, I didn't really enjoy it as much as I wanted to. I really enjoyed the tour just not the vibe I had when I was walking through it. It doesn't matter though, I am still very grateful I am apart of this huge opportunity. Inflection was an out of the blue company that I had never heard of in my entire life. But due to the tour guide Jake, he made it fun as we were walking around the office and the workers like Russell really inspired us. Me in particular. He talked about balcony people and basement people. Balcony people being the people who are hungry to learn new ideas and basement people who are just too lazy to do it themselves.

Day 3 was a fun day especially at KA and Inflection. The thing I got out of it was balcony people and basement people. Balcony people being the people who are hungry to learn new ideas and basement people who are just too lazy to do it themselves. So I definitely want to be a balcony person.

Day 4, I was up at 6:15am, not by own will, and I was ready for the day. Due to the early night prior, I was keen to get out the door and visit the amazing places we were going. First on the list was, Facebook. Following that was Microsoft and lastly Renaissance. I was ready for this day.

Facebook: Wow! What an opportunity to visit such a place like this. This place in particular I really enjoyed. First of all, it had free food for all employees, second, I was just so amazed how I can visit a place I spend hours on in my daily life. Lastly, it had a lot of little shops and relax spots. Even their own ARCADE! I would definitely work at Facebook if I had the opportunity.

Microsoft: Microsoft, home of Windows and Xbox. This place is high on my list of places we have been due to the free gifts we received. A free Microsoft T-Shirt, a portable charger, and bubblegum. We also were allowed to try out the recently released Hololens and Xbox-One. A fun kick back session, and we also listened to employees and how they got their job.

Renaissance: Renaissance once again was not a company I have heard of but out of all of these places, this was the best one I have visited for so far. This is because this has been the most educational and has helped me to realise, I have to have self belief which leads to self motivation which leads to opening your inner dialogue and when you do that, the world becomes a more fun environment, even in your own office or at school.\\

To conclude day 4, I really think this is going to be the best day I have ever experienced on this trip but I am yet to find out about that statement. 4 days down, 3 to go! Bring em on