One week in the Valley!
Written by Toby Carr
Posted Mon, 19 Mar: As of Friday, all of our experiences in Silicon Valley have come to an end. Our memories, experiences, connections and friends will always remain however.

As the week concluded, I was able to look back and realise the massive experience we had been on. Trying to look back, it was hard to comprehend our start in Silicon Valley when we arrived was just 7 days prior.

We had the opportunity to visit into some of the largest companies in the world, as well as I'm contrast some companies which are making the most profound impact in all areas of the world. Each one of us made some great connections and friends which I'm sure will last for a lifetime some of them. Personally I have come away with many different quick take away points which I know I'll be able to put into use in my own life, private and public.

I'd like to extend am endless genuine thank you to all those who made this trip happen, the sponsors, the host companies, Simon, Jason and lastly but definitely not least, Andrew, who made the whole trip a possibility and reality from his vision he had a few years ago.

Feel free to get in touch with me if you'd like to hear a bit more about our experiences! ✌️

Toby Carr