The Finale :'(
Written by Carym Wharerau
Posted Mon, 19 Mar: This morning (even though it became Sunday when I arrived in New Zealand from Friday when I left San Fran lol) almost felt uneasy. Like a resentment, and I could feel that neither one of us boys wanted to return to NZ, yeah it would be good to catch-up on the old folks and friends, but can't just come back, it's like putting all this money into a jar and then burning it (not in the way that the motivation will die, but in the way that after being surrounded by so much inspiration, we now have to go back to reality). I know this means that we now have to learn to apply this experience to our ourselves and communities (maybe it's because i'm young) but I do not want to leave, why? Because everything I (me) need is in Silicon Valley and this whole week has just been a good slap to the face (repetitively over the four days of visits lol) and I STILL WANT THESE. I NEED THEM, and they've made me realize a lot of things I never would have gotten from anywhere else.
On the other half of me, i'm pumped to be taking this new and improve brain back to NZ and sprinkling what I've learn't onto everyone, and hopefully inspiring them to push further than NZ, to not only go out and explore the world, but as well as take a leap into their own minds and discover something much more powerful than experience itself...themselves. It might be cliche or overrated to say that this experience has been life changing, but it really has. It's refashioned my view of thinking toward myself and the world in a substantial way, and I can't be any more grateful to have been awarded it.

I'd like to thank my whanau, friends and community for constantly supporting my journey, as well as the communities around NZ who have also shown much aroha toward me and this trip. I'd also like to thank the Moko Foundation-Dr. Lance O'Sulliven and Deidre Otene for helping me become a voice in the community as well as open the gates to my experience.
As far as my fellow Silicon Valley boys go...
-The Three Muske-Steeze (Liam, Saia and Gabriel):L I'd like to thankyou for making the trip very iconic and entertaining, keep the steeze ever-growing <3
-Luke: Thanks for all the technical support you've done providing a very powerful voice for us through this website and for the relatable conversations we had lol. Good luck with your internships, I know you'll make it far <3
-Harrison: Thanks for being the best Sheldon (of The Big Bang Theory) as well as curing us with your witty comments and sarcasm. Hope both the singing and IT paths treat you well.
-Toby: Thanks for being very business-y as well as laughing at all my dreadful jokes lol, keep working hard and hope you have fun touring America!
-Jason: Thanks for always giving the best reflections of the night, let's hope that from this experience you bring a better face to the education industry<3
-Simon: Thanks for always hearing me out and listening to my rambling on about everything aswell as always being positive. Hope you and your family are alright, I know your daughters will be over-the-moon to see the presents you bought them (and you I suppose lol).
-Andrew: Thankyou for always being truthful and inspiring. Thankyou for bringing us into the bigger world and helping us chase our dreams. You have been nothing but positive, genuine and helpful, nothing in this world could ever describe how thankful I am of you. Hope to see you in the future<3