Tuesday July 12 - Day 4
Written by Maihi Bennett
Posted Mon, 19 Mar: Today was the best day out so far, we visited Facebook in the morning, Microsoft after that and finished the day off with an amazing seminar from the master Ben Anderson.

Facebook was a lot like Google, cool, casual and chill. There were people all walking around, people doing there work and so many different buildings. It was like walking down a main road of a city and walking past businesses and cafes and seeing people happy, it seemed people really enjoyed working there!

Microsoft, oh my god! Microsoft were top notch host and had amazing activity. We were treated to some kai, a interesting presentation and an out of this world demo of the augmented/mixed reality glasses, which was like some Tony Stark Iron Man stuff. It was crazy, like futuristic as. We played this game were you shoot aliens be spaceship and you were still in your room without changing anything. You could project so much things in this room, like the potential of this Hololens is crazy, absolutely crazy!! Just imagine, Iron suit with just the helmet, that's what it was like.

Renaissance Leadership and the master Ben Anderson. This was a just a DMC (Deep and Meaningful Conversation) where Ben talked for 97% of the time and still connected with all of us on a deeper level. It was a presentation about this design your life thinking model, quite heavy ad deep stuff but how Ben delivered it was like, he spoke for almost 2 whole hours and had each and every one of us young fullas engaged for that entire time. It was just mind blowing!

After all these visits to the companies we went to a very good pizza joint for dinner called Amicis! Gigantic pizzas that were probably the best I've ever had. Delizioso!

Today was cool, impressive and mind blowing. Super crazy! (In a good way)

We still have a way to go though whanau, areare taringa mai, āta matakitaki mai I a tatou ne.

Watch this space whanau!