Wednesday 13 July - Day 5
Written by Maihi Bennett
Posted Mon, 19 Mar: Today was great, we visited 4 companies. They were Xero, Twitter, Kiwi Landing Pad and Yelp.

Xero was the first place we visited today, it was a #beautiful . The building looked mean, their was a easy going vibe throughout the building and everyone seemed like they enjoyed their job. It was a choice atmosphere to be in. During our stay we were treated to some morning tea which showed manaakitanga. But something that I picked up during my time there was a theme in one of the presentations which was to always be competitive. Always being competitive allows you to stay on edge and actively trying to be better than your competition, which brings the best out of you.

Twitter was cool, they had a massive kitchen and when we arrived it was lunchtime so we were allowed to get a kai. Then we went to a meeting room and had a chat with a few staff members about twitter. I'm a big Twitter user, so not only was I excited but I enjoyed my time there.

Kiwi Landing Pad was mean as. It's so cool to hear about all the good positive work that they do for small NZ start ups for in the Valley. We heard about the company Booktrack in particularly, learning about them and what they do, it was choice!

Yelp were so kind to us, they took us for a tour of their building and we got to watch some of their staff work and how people like coders and call line fullas work when they are in their element. Yelp also kinda reiterated to us all that it is not about what you know, but its more so about what you can bring. Which was also a reoccurring theme within all the places that we visited on this trip.

We had a bit of fun strolling around the city after our last visit, we walked down to a local burrito shop for dinner which was nice and sat down at a park to eat.

Like in the words of the great Ice Cube, today was a good day!

More to come.

Naku noa,