Carym Wharerau
Kia Ora.

Despite growing up in a small town in Northland that has its share of socio-economic challenges, I am still motivated to achieve at a high level and to the best of my abilities. I have huge support from my whanau, friends, teachers and community which has helped me to be the humble and grounded person I am today. I am creative and have diverse interests. I enjoy sports, reading, writing and spending time with my friends.

At this stage I'm uncertain which career path I want to take after I leave school but as a young adult, my goal at the moment is to achieve and succeed in school as well as ultimately studying at university.

I aspire to work in the design and animation industry and I know that this trip to Silicon Valley will create the building blocks towards confirming my future career.

My achievements to this point have included: DVC Student of the Year (2014), gaining NCEA 1 with Excellence endorsement in Design and Visual Communications, PE and English (2015) and this year I have gained the position of Student Representative.

What I find most interesting about technology, is the creativity it brings out in people. Technology has been a big part of my life, and I find myself being much more creative and confident whenever I use it.

I hope as a result of this trip to achieve a better vision and understanding of the design and technology field as well as helping me to determine my future career path. I also hope that this experience will help me to change my perspective of how I see myself and the world.