Harrison Hill
Hi everyone, my name is Harrison Hill and I am a year 13 student currently attending Dilworth High School in Auckland. Information Technology has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. Words can not describe how I am feeling about travelling to Silicon Valley in July. The trip as I see it will open my eyes and give me a greater insight into some of the major corporations which have been involved in creating the world wide web and the ever growing information highway. The idea of how, why and where has always intrigued me and so getting a bird's eye view at Silicon Valley is the opportunity of a lifetime.

Technology plays a major role in my life and along with music is my main interest. This far my achievements with technology are I am the Head of the Dilworth Tech Team which entails being in charge of major school events such as Talent Quest (sound lighting) and making sure parents and families who can?t make it on the night can either see it on a live stream or the school YouTube channel I created last year. I also hold level 3 & 4 credits in digital technology courses at a small university in New Market. In year 11 I began these as the school did not have a course that would advance my learning.

I am so passionate about technology, coding and creating new things I felt like other people should be able to enjoy it as well without having to leave the school, so myself and one of the teachers who agreed with me pushed the school to have a class that offers at least some of those things so that others like myself could begin creating and sharing new things and ideas. I was so excited to hear that by the end of 2015 the school allowed a Digital Technology (DTC) class to start this year. I currently help and teach when I can.

My goal would be to make a difference by using technology to help around the world in one way or another whether it be in gaming, education or home life. I see the world in such disarray at times and believe that through technology we can bridge the gap and help those less fortunate. The more we educate our future students the more we can hope and aim for a brighter and safer world to live in.

The Silicon Valley experience is a once and a lifetime opportunity and I am truly thankful that I have been chosen to embark upon this amazing journey. I am hoping that this will help give me more guidance towards choosing the direction in which my career should go. To quote Steve Jobs "have the courage to follow your heart and intuition, they somehow know what you want to become."