Luke Mansell
Hello! My name is Luke Mansell. I am a nineteen year old, second year university student studying Computer Science at the University of Canterbury. I also take courses in political science, mathematics and philosophy as elective courses for my degree. Be sure to connect with me on LinkedIN.

Technology for me has been engrained into me from the start. From a young age I have been heavily interested in web development/design and technology in general. When I was ten/eleven I created my own programming and design forum; with this forum attracting thousands of visitors each month. This allowed developers to collaborate and release their open-source free-to-use code while also discussing their practice with each other allowing me to build a network of keen developers and designers.

Throughout my early years in high school I setup and ran a very successful technology news and review blogs, which at its prime saw 1.7 million hits from all across the world. I also built relationships with companies such as Apple, Samsung and others who would regularly send me products to review.

In my final years of high school, I enrolled in a course called "Digital Technology Generics" at Burnside High School. This course gave you a year to create your own project from a concept through to a working prototype. Through the stages of finding a problem to solve, I noticed that there were significant holes in current existing social networks. I went through the process of creating a social network which worked to address these issues while also introducing its own unique features, with one of the most prominent ones being the ability to create revenue with no need for advertising, and this feature is yet to be integrated into any existing solutions.

As you can see from the above, I have taken a very unique style to design. I like to push the boundaries yet design something which keeps users intrigued but engaged. Design has become very boring in recent years but I enjoy pushing the boundaries of the "traditional" design rules. Visting a major design company such as IDEO will be an amazing experience as it is the sort of place I could only dream of working at.

My project was a good success and I received an NZQA scholarship for the 60-page report I wrote detailing my process in creating the above outcome. This also lead me to other experiences such as being on RadioLIVE with Andrew Patterson, and the opportunity to meet Craig Elliott (former Apple employee) in Silicon Valley a few years ago. Since then I have taken an interest in solving every day issues. I am currently developing a rostering application which aims to solve a major issue contained within the casual role environment, with this application being targeted mostly for catering businesses who have a large team of casual role based employees.

I also have strong passions towards education, which is why I am heavily looking forward to the Khan Academy side of this trip. As a university student I believe the current system we find ourselves in is flawed. Universities are struggling to keep up with the ever changing environment of technology, and education in general is built upon a "one-size-fits-all-model" which is not how the real world works. We all learn in different ways, through different mediums and at different paces yet university and schooling in general does not take this into consideration. I am a heavy advocate for attempting to influence change in the education system around the world to reflect changes within society and become more flexible. Many university students are coming out with three to four year degrees but are not able to apply any sort of skills upon leaving because we have only been introduced to the theory side of our chosen majors and not practical workplace skills. Education is an interesting medium to be interested in as there are so many different ways in which people can be taught, and so many options which can be looked into. I also own a science YouTube channel and have a strong belief that the internet will begin to take an essential role in both our knowledge and education.

I am looking forward to gaining an insight into how major companies which are impacting our lives everyday operate. Having a firsthand look at some of the largest and most powerful companies in the world is a unique experience which I aim to take full advantage of.