Saia Tukuafu
Hi. I am Siosaia. (Saia for short). I am currently a Year 12 Student at Tamaki College. I am eager and anxious to reach Silicon Valley to experience the communities lifestyle as an Entrepreneur. Below will be my Personal Profile, and basically anything that you want to know about me. Please do not hesitate to talk to me in person. I will be looking forward to conversations that may come at hand. Also make sure to add me on Facebook and also on LinkedIn.

Academic Achievements

My first ever Academic related Achievement was earning the role of being the Head Boy of Tamaki Intermediate in 2012. Along the Years I have also succeeded in my Academics, and picked up the Year 10 Dux. The year of 2014 was my definitely my Year for sure. Moving ahead into 2015, I passed Level 1 NCEA with a Merit Endorsement.


My passion for technology is above the maximum calculations. To be fairly honest I love the idea of technology. From such a young age I have been consumed by technology and have tinkered with a few computers also. I did not really get to admire pulling computers apart and putting them all back together again, but I was fascinated by the way it has been developed into such smaller projects. Its developments have fascinated me and drawn in my interests for developing products.

I am also passionate for Architecture and the culture around it. I have just recently brought myself to undergo further studies within Architecture. The concepts behind Architecture which include, being able to work with technology, being able to design, and to be able to do a lot of challenging work inspires me to believe that I can accomplish anything. Just seeing buildings which are structurally made within this generation has improved and developed. Just as I mentioned above, I admire the way things develop in their own unique ways.

Other than these academical interests, I admire sports and various outdoor activities. I will mention a few here. I love Rugby Union and still have a fading dream to become an All Black. I also like to play, beach sports such as Touch, Volleyball, Basketball and so many more. I enjoy spending time with my family during the holidays. But when I have spare time, I love to research on things I aspire such as Nature and the Environment.

Favourite Subjects

My favourite subjects right now are Maths, Graphics, Art and Physics. I really love these subjects because they challenge me to bring the best out of my brains. Therefore I can do everything to the best of my abilities. Maths and Physics are the most challenging to me right now, and I admire its complexity. I love to face challenges and love the fulfilling feeling of overcoming these obstacles.

Career Goals

My career goals are to be an Architect, Journalist and a Product Designer. All three of these careers are what I aspire the most. Personally I want to be an Architect because I want to be able to design houses that can withstand natural disasters, such as cyclones and tsunamis. Reason being is because I want to do this for my native people, the people of the Pacific, and also for those countries that are engulfed within these certain natural disasters. This is my dream and the legacy I want to leave for the future generations.

What I want to get out of the trip

What I want to get out of this trip is to get a better understanding on the lifestyle of the entrepreneurs. This is because I want to understand the life they have had to sacrifice before their multi-millionaire businesses came to hand. I also want to experience the different ways the companies are being run. I just want to have a deeper understanding of everyones specific roles. I also want to have a good time and get to know every other students who is travelling better, and create a good bond with them.